We export various varieties including bold peanuts, java peanuts,and TJ mix peanuts in shell bold, peanuts splits and peanuts shell java. Peanuts are popularly used in Indian, Western and Eastern cooking. They impart a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavours. We also supply raw as well as salted peanuts as per the requirement of our clients. The peanuts are dark pink in colour and are used in the oil manufacturing industry, medical industry and food industry.

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Cotton IconPeanut Oil

Cotton IconPeanut Butter

Cotton IconRoasted Peanut

Peanuts have the following properties

Cotton IconIt has antioxidant properties

Cotton IconIt has anti-cancer potential

Cotton IconIt helps in lower diabetes and lower blood pressure

Cotton IconIt have heart-protective properties

For Peanuts
Style Dired
Color Pink
Processing Type Machine Cleaned
Packing As per buyer's request
Grade Premium
Variety Raw and Blanched
Moisture 7% max.
Aflatoxin 5 PPB
Size 38-40 mm
Packing As per buyer's request