Organic Comber Noil

Cotton Waste


Comber Noil is the by-product of the ring spun yarn spinning process, produce when cotton is combed in comber machine. To remove short fibres, extracted waste known as cotton comber Noil. Because of comber Noil being trash free, it can be used for number of purpose like manufacturing of Currency Paper, Surgical & Cosmetics and also for Blending purpose in open end spinning yarn mills.

We provide one of the finest quality of cotton comber Noil which is defect free product manufactured through 100% pure cotton. We are using Hydraulic Press to convert bales packing in to 160 Kg to 170 KG bales as per international standard covered into 6 Sides Cotton Cloth. We can supply quality comber noil 2000 mts per month.

  • Application
  • Features
  • Specification
  • Cotton IconOpen End Spinning Mill
  • Cotton IconTo Produce Surgical Usage
  • Cotton IconTo Produce Cotton balls, hygiene cotton buds.
  • Cotton IconTo Produce Cotton pads.
  • Cotton IconComber Noil is trash free.
  • Cotton IconIt is free from defilement.
  • Cotton IconComber Noil is known for being light weight and durable.
Variety Length Strength Mic. Trash
Comber 20 to 22 m.m. 20++ 2.5 to 3.5 0 - 00%